Bar Babe of the Week: Tyler at Rebar


WOOF! Rebar’s Tyler (aka Stephen Harte) will keep you warm and fuzzy as this week’s Bar Babe!

Bar that I work at:
REBAR Chelsea

How long I’ve worked there: Since April 2017

What are my shifts: (Generally speaking) Monday-Friday nights. 9 or 930 till LATE.

What makes this bar great: I think we have a really positive mission statement as a new Chelsea gay bar. Chelsea as a community has lost so much gay run/owned business, and we doing our damndest to promote and breathe new life into the neighborhood. Chelsea used to be such a Mecca for gay nightlife, and although I understand that times change and people migrate, it doesn’t mean we can’t throw great events and keep the gay blood pumping. Barracuda and Gym Bar do a great job of keeping their clientele in the hood, and now it’s part of our duty to help revive this rut in nightlife. It’s not what it used to be, right?…. At Rebar, we are willing to give new and old promoters alike the opportunity to test drive and make something grow.

Best drink I make: I’m a fan of bitter cocktails, like a Negroni for instance. I think a great way to spin a Negroni is using Bourbon instead of Gin – creating a “Boulevardier.”
Equal parts:
1oz. Bourbon
1oz. Campari (not everyone’s cup of tea)
1oz. Sweet Vermoith

I love it when customers: Just simple acts of kindness keep me happy, like saying ‘thank you’. I was always taught to say “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and it’s so simple. When you’re slammed behind the bar and working your tush off, it goes such a long way to hear someone say thank you.  smile

I hate it when customers: It boggles me when they say “make me something” and they have no idea what they want… but yet they decline everything you suggest. “Handsome, I’m busy. Here’s a vodka soda.”

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Since I’m a closing bartender, I tend to see people entering their final form of intoxication – it’s not always pretty. I am astonished at how many people fall asleep on a night out with friends. Last week a hottie, who I’d been serving responsibly all night, was flirty and fun and I reciprocated the interest…. an hour or so went by and I hadn’t seen him, so I presumed he’d gone home without saying goodbye. I went to the bathroom before heading home around 2:30am and found him standing, leaning against a wall…. ASLEEP. LEGIT. I had to wake him up, and I took it upon myself to accompany him outside and put him in a cab. Poor thing.  … and he never came back. sad face (This blog is just like missed connections, eh?)

Other places I’ve worked: I’m wicked new to the gay bar scene here in NYC, but previously I have years of experience in “non-gay” owned / centric establishments. Also Rainbow Room; Flaming Saddles; Toby’s Public House; Trestle on Tenth; Leyla’s; 84 on Seventh.

My hometown: Wilmington, Vermont.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I see a lot of concerts here in NYC. I think it’s one of the biggest perks to living here. You can see such amazing shows snag tix when they’re first released. All the venues- Bowery Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Rockwood Music Hall, Terminal 5, Mercury Lounge, The Knitting Factory, I dig ‘em all!

Single or Taken: Single. #teamdiealone (The a joke between me and my buddies… but now it just seems sad)

Who/what turns me on: I like dudes who can take control. Possibly hairy? Smooth? I’m not picky. I just need someone who is direct and can makeup for my indecisive nature. And if you like a fuzzy butt, you go to the front of the line!

Favorite music: I’m all over the place. Artists: Kehlani, Alma, H.E.R., Alex Newell, Astrid S; too many to list!

Favorite movie or TV show: Current TV series is The Gifted

Favorite drag queen: Holly Box-Springs. kiss

My drag name would be: “Harry-Bitz”, Ritzy’s cousin.

Favorite gogo boy: Jeremy Ward, ‘cause that boy TEARS IT THE FUCK UP. I used to gogo, and I’d just look sad next to him.

Favorite DJ: Justin Dawson. Who else!?

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m comfortable behind the bar, but not the most outgoing person on the street. If you see me, feel free to say hello! I’m a nice fella, but not the most socially confident in unfamiliar settings. My buddies say it makes me look bitchy… but I promise I’m far from it! I was raised too well to be mean.

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