Bar Babe of the Week: Peter at the West End

This New York entertainer and producer is a man of many fabulous hats, but this week the West End’s Peter Dunn is a Thotyssey Bar Babe!


Bar that I work at: The West End Lounge

How long I’ve worked there: A little over two and a half years

What are my shifts: Wednesday, Thursday in the front bar for Tea With Peter. 10PM-4AM. Wednesdays we also have drag in the back, and karaoke in the front with the amazing DJ Jack and me. And Thursdays, we have more drag in the back, and I play the very best of whatever you want to hear in the front. I also work our monthly underwear party, which is the third Friday of every month!

What makes this bar great: The West End is one of the most truly mixed and diverse bars I’ve ever encountered. We’re at a point in our country where equality and acceptance are so important, and I think that should trickle down to everything in life, including our bars and nightlife. TWE is welcoming to everyone, and I do my best to make sure that they feel that way. Also, we have live entertainment 7 days a week in our back room: everything from drag shows, stand up comedy, cabarets, live bands, and a bunch of live music shows that I produce myself with some truly insanely talented artists. Plus, I mean, it’s also just a place full of booze, so you can never really go wrong.

Best drink I make: I honestly make a pretty bad ass margarita. If I’m bored, I like when customers give me challenges. For example, when we still had our popcorn machine, a customer challenged me to make him a popcorn martini. I mixed some things together, and it ended up being a shockingly delicious drink that I garnished with a popcorn rim!

I love it when customers: TIP WELL! Also, when they bring me candy, smile, buy me a shot (the answer is ALWAYS whiskey), are polite, and act like they’ve been in a public place before!

I hate it when customers: DON’T TIP! Wave me down frantically and then don’t know what they actually want, walk in entitled and try and ruin everyone else’s fun. Always remember, you’re not the only person in the bar, treat everyone with kindness and respect from customers to every staff member. Oh, and I hate when customers try and follow me home. Please, don’t do that. Too dark? Sorry, lol

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: I mean, we have a monthly underwear party. Enough said.

Other places I’ve worked:
The Fire Island Pines. Pieces. Cafeteria. I also worked in reality TV on shows such as The X Factor, American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

My hometown: NYC born and raised, baby! Escaped to Boston, and Europe for a couple years, and have been back in NYC since.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending:
I produce a fuck ton of live shows at The West End. A couple of my series include “So You Think You Can Belt”, a singing competition; “TRL: Total Request Live” where each month I put together a night of one artist’s music as voted by social media. It’s amazing new arrangements, mashups, production numbers, all performed by some of the most talented and phenomenal up and coming artists in this city; “Rise Up” where I featured four original and diverse artists once a month to perform short sets of their original music. The whole producing thing kind of started from one show and has multipled a lottttttttt, but it makes me very happy, I seem to be decent at it, and it’s important for me to provide a safe space in this city for artists to do their thing, and thrive. This city is too damn hard to not have a safe space and a chosen family.

Single or Taken:
Single. So single. Someone fix that please? Must love dogs.

Who/what turns me on: Honesty and a sense of humor. Drive. (In life, work, and sex) I’m a sucker for nice calves on a guy. May or may not be into choking and rough sex. Wait, did I just say that? uhhhhhhhhh everything else I’d just have to show you. Next question.

Favorite music: EVERYTHING. Ugh. Music is my life, so this list would go on for years, but for my all time favs I’d probably say Motown and 90’s, and just the noted all time greats. Lately, Kesha’s album is fantastic, as is Demi’s latest jam. Girl can sanggggggg. Also, just cause I feel like she doesn’t get any credit still in life, everyone should just stop what they’re doing and listen to India Arie. Still after all these years, she gets your life right.

Favorite movie or TV show: These questions! I fucking hate favorites, haha. I also went to film school, so this is hard. Uh I’m just going to list a couple, and then stop whenever. The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, anything Hitchcock, Mean Girls lol, Ghost. Don’t really watch too much TV, but I’d say How to Get Away With Murder and Survivor. Yes, I still watch Survivor, and if you do too, we’re probably soulmates.

Favorite drag queen: I won’t-slash-can’t answer this one! The drag community of NYC has been there for me through thick and thin, and so many are close, close friends of mine. Working in nightlife for on and off a decade now, we all have to look out for each other, and so many of my queens have done that for me day after day and night after night. However, I will say: 1) That I’m so insanely happy of the incredible success Bianca and Bob have gotten from Drag Race. 2) That I can’t believe Logan Hardcore and Pixie Aventura haven’t been on Drag Race yet. and 3. That I’m so genuinely proud of and excited for Nedra Belle on this season of The Voice.

My drag name would be: KELLY HOELAND! Or Michelle Williams.

Favorite gogo boy: I’m an old school boy so I’m just going to say Matthew Camp for life.

Favorite DJ: Ugh SO many. I told you about these favorites questions! I’m going to basically plead the fifth and just give a shoutout to my one and only Patrick Kuzara in LA.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I wrote, produced, directed and starred in an indie dramedy web series called GAYS: The Series. Our first season was eight half hour episodes, that were wonderfully well received and that I’m still very very proud of. It would honestly make my day if you checked it out! Took a longer-than-planned hiatus from it due to real life getting in the way, but I have some big plans for the show for next year. Check it out on Vimeo now!

Also, one final reminder to BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER! Our political climate is in a disastrous place and it feels rather chaotic. Be kinder. Be better. Do better. Plan everyday to make at least one new person smile.

Follow me on: Facebook & Instagram. Also, Facebook & Instagram for GAYS: The Series.

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