Bar Babe of the Week: Bradley at Therapy


Yas Queen! A HK institution: Therapy’s Bradley!

Bar that I work at: Therapy Bar

How long I’ve worked there: Only 3 months, but I have worked in Hell’s Kitchen nightlife for four years now.

What are my shifts: Tuesday 5pm-midnight, Saturday 10pm-4am, Sunday 5pm-2am.

What makes this bar great: Even before I started working at Therapy, I’ve always said they have the friendliest bar staff, best atmosphere, and it’s the best set up to watch a drag show. Plus the food is AMAZING!!!!

Best drink I make: Apparently my Moscow Mules are the best, but I’m partial to my Cosmos made with Absolut Lime.

I love it when customers: are Latino. Lol, just kidding! I love it when customers are patient in a busy bar. You’d be surprised at the amount of people that think they are the only ones waiting for a drink.

I hate it when customers: ask for “a vodka soda, but heavy on the vodka.” We all know you’re not going to tip extra for the extra vodka so let’s just leave that statement out.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Nothing so far here – but at my last bar, a twink tried to fight me for cutting him off and ended up punching our security in the face.

Other places I’ve worked: I worked at Hardware Bar for 4 years. The owner, Eric, is AMAZING!

My hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC (or Dirty Myrtle if ya nasty)

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: besides going out with friends, I spend a lot of time with my dachshund, Biscuit.

Single or Taken: Depends on the week.

Who/what turns me on: LATINOS, LATINOS, LATINOS. I’m a huge sucker for a darker man with an accent! Especially if they are sweet and not cocky.

Favorite music: Jennifer Lopez is my Queen, but other than that I’m into a lot of different genres. I’m really into Fifth Harmony right now.

Favorite movie or TV show: Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock. It makes me cry every time I watch it!

Favorite drag queen: I’m biased because she is my best friend, but Monet X Change. She’s one of the most genuine and talented queens I have ever met.

My drag name would be: Sheneesa Milk

Favorite gogo boy: This is going to sound bad, but I don’t really know any gogo boys. I usually hang out at chill bars with no dancing.

Favorite DJ: That’s easy! Nicky Boom Box!!!

Other stuff you need to know about me: I have a degree in finance, but don’t use it because I like the perks of bartending so much! Also, I’m pretty shy compared to when I’m behind the bar, so if you see me out and about just say hi! I don’t bite unless you want me to!

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