Bar Babe of the Week: Christian at Monster

One of the Monster’s newest Bar Babes is already producing a Friday night party there…. meet Christian!

Bar that I work at:  Monster Bar In The West Village

How long I’ve worked there: I started in March, so I’m going on 6 months. I’m the baby, lol!

What are my shifts: My schedule changes every week, but I’m there 5 days a week.

What makes this bar great: Monster is very unique. We have 2 floors, top floor being the piano bar and the lower level is a club with a DJ and another bar. Something for everyone! I also had the opportunity to create an underwear party that happens every first Friday of the month, called “Foreplay” (shameless plug)

Best drink I make: Although we have the best frozen margaritas in the West Village, my margarita on the rocks is delicious!

I love it when customers: Come in to have a good time: turn up, dance, laugh, and don’t forget to tip, lol!

I hate it when customers: start drama at my bar… it kills the vibe. When security has to get involved, it’s never fun.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Oh geeze… personally witnessed? The craziest thing I’ve seen would be the time I walked into the men’s bathroom and these 2 lesbians were going at it in the stall. Now I just use the employee bathroom.

Other places I’ve worked: I bartended last summer on Fire Island, and cocktail served at Hardware Bar in Hell’s Kitchen for a little bit. I took a break from bartending for a period of time to work for Mac Cosmetics full time (I’m a makeup artist). But when Monster hired me, I decided to step down and just freelance for the company. Money is too good at Monster, haha!

My hometown: I bounced around Long Island most of my life. I lived in Huntington, NY before moving to Williamsburg.

Stuff I do when I’m not at work: I love makeup. Anything to do with painting a face whether it be beauty, bridal, or for Halloween. It just makes me feel good, holding a makeup brush.

Single or Taken: It’s a little complicated at the moment… but I guess you can say I’m single, currently.

Who/what turns me on: Being a genuine person. Openly being who you are, and knowing what you want is so sexy to me.

Favorite music: Anything that involves Beyonce, I’m in!

Favorite movie or TV show: Ooh, many options… I’ve had so many favorite movies and shows. But as of right now, I just finished Iron Fist on Netflix and started watching Luke Cage. I have to watch Jessica Jones and the Daredevil series before watching the Defenders.

Favorite drag queen: The first drag queen I saw live was Tina Burner. I’ve been in love with her comedy ever since.

My drag name would be: Trinity Beat, ‘cause my middle name is Trinity and I do makeup, lol! Simple, yet accurate.

Favorite gogo boy: I kinda have a huge crush on a gogo boy who dances for Spunk named Ricky… I’m sure he’s aware of it, lol!

Favorite DJScotty Rox is amazing. I love him as a person and as a DJ. He plays everything which I love.

Other stuff you need to know about me: Aside from me being the best bartender in the West Village? That’s really about it, lol! No, I’m just playing. I’m really laid back, and a quirky person who likes to paint his face and dress up behind the bar.

Follow me on: you can follow me on Instagram and on Snapchat @ thatboysahoney.

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