Come to Thotyssey’s HUGE Anniversary Concert Spectacular @ STONEWALL NYC!

Thotyssey is celebrating a year and change of existence, and Thotmaster Jim’s Big Round Number Birthday, with an all-star show at Stonewall! That’s right–on July 15th (doors 6pm) in the West Village, About two dozen of NYC’s greatest nightlife performers–from drag, burlesque, cabaret and beyond–come together for a 2.5 hour concert and celebration of how far we’ve come, in the birthplace of queer freedom! 

The event will be hosted by my judys Brian & Virgil, who host the hit podcast Why Aren’t We Being Filmed? on iTunes, with DJ 

Accident Report of the Nobodies!

Performing on Saturday, Thotyssey is beyond excited to welcome:

Admission is FREE! RSVP Here


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