Bar Babe of the Week: Pietro at Metropolitan

Bar that I work at: Metropolitan

How long I’ve worked there: 13 Years, epic…

What are my shifts: Monday Night (Hot Fruit!), Wednesday Happy Hour, Thursday Night (rotating parties), Friday Happy Hour.

What makes this bar great: The best regular customers. There’s no shitty-ass jukebox. Diverse crowd, it’s not just a bunch of gay clones. Our big back yard!

Best drink I make: If it’s not busy, I’ll make you the best Sidecar (if it’s busy, don’t bother ordering one, it ain’t gonna happen). If it’s really busy, I can make a great Manhattan quickly.

I love it when customers: Tip well, of course!

I hate it when customers: Roll in with an entitled attitude.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: That’s hard! Walking out to the yard to find a former cleaning guy in nothing but a pink heart thong, kneeling on top of a barstool, doing some sort of pagan sun ritual in the dead of winter was a good one. Or: one night, somebody was blocking the bathroom door from the inside. It was busy, so I wasn’t having it. I kicked the door open and accidentally knocked a guy pretty hard on to the dick he was sucking. He ended up gagging and puking on it.

Other places I’ve worked: A bunch of Psychic Parties and Culture Whore parties.

My hometown: NYC native!

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Play ice hockey with my husband–I’m the captain of our team. Perform experimental electronic music.

Single or Taken: Been taken for a long time!

Who/what turns me on: Well, my husband, duh. But, hockey players in general are the hottest creatures on Earth.

Favorite music: Forever a Goth.

Favorite movie or TV show: Twin Peaks.

Favorite drag queen: Now how am I not supposed to piss a bunch of people off with this question? I work with some great queens! TBH, one queen in particular has been a great friend too… Merrie Cherry. We’re family.

My drag name would be: Sicily Spacek (thanks, Daniel).

Favorite gogo boy: That one that became a musician (or an actor, not sure), but used to pull beads out of his ass at the Hose.

Favorite DJ: I have two, no hesitation! DJ Econ from Hot Fruit. He’s one of the few that keeps me coming to booth to ask what’s playing. DJ Brainchild. We don’t see him as much, but he always kills.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m always down for epic Music and Horror Movie discussions while working Happy Hour.

Follow me on: I have an Insta, but I think I lost my login. I’m not that active, maybe I’ll get back to that. Starting a Bandcamp page for my music soon…

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