Bar Babe of the Week: Markyus at the Toolbox

Guess the drag alter ego of this week’s Bar Babe! Answer below, but in the meantime enjoy some Sex on the Beach with Markyus at the Toolbox!

Bar that I work at: The Toolbox on the upper east side

How long I’ve worked there: 2 months, but seems like 2 years. It’s a great neighborhood gay bar.

What are my shifts: Saturday Liquid Brunch at 3pm, Sunday Liquid Brunch at 3pm, then all night til 4am, Tuesday I open at 4pm for my Broadway Lights night til 4am, and well you’ll really see me more often than not.

What makes this bar great: It’s a welcoming, great gay neighborhood bar, but not just for the locals around the area. We get a great mix of regulars, new comers, gay, str8. It really is a community spot to feel good, have a strong drink, and have a great time with an amazing staff.

Best drink I make: Sex on the Beach with Markyus, lol. You’ll have to experience it, it mostly alcohol that tastes like juice. Sneaks up on ya!

I love it when customers: Come back because they loved my energy and the interactions they had with me and the bar.

I hate it when customers: Bring everyone down by being an old sour curmudgeon in the corner, or leave a shittacular tip, or don’t tip at all. I mean, gurl… come on. Have fun, and be nice!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: We have a dance cage in the bar… a guy was literally hanging from the bars with his legs! I had to get up there and get him down. We can’t have people breakin’ their necks, lol! He was talented though… and hot. Ah, well. Haha.

Other places I’ve worked: SoHo house NYC, The Abbey West Hollywood,  Pleasure Island in Orlando (that bar had a rotating dance floor, yikes!)

My hometown: Syracuse NY, thank goodness I got outta there. I think there’s still snow right now!

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Well, I have an alter ego in drag. So either things related to that evil old lady, or I’m seeing a Broadway show, being a social butterfly in the scene, catching a movie, or yelling at the kids who go to the school next to my apartment for waking me up at 2 in the afternoon with their yelling, lol!

Single or Taken: Single and in the market for someone as funny and off as me. But they say dating a bartender is hard… Pffffft. Nuts to that!

Who/what turns me on: a pretty pair of eyes, and the ability to just be a goof with me. My sense of humor is all over the place; if you can bounce around with me, I may swoon.

Favorite music: Old Jazz, like Billie Holiday

Favorite movie or TV show: Girls will be Girls, Arrested Development

Favorite drag queen: *smirk* I plead the fifth.

My drag name would be: Well, since the old bat is already out of the bag I may as well reveal that the handsome face behind the evil is also known as Sheila Tack. Boo!

Favorite gogo boy: What’s a gogo boy? *wink* I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever got their names… but they are people too, right? Show me a pic, that’s my favorite. Haha!

Favorite DJ: DJ Ian Ford, hands down. Smart, technically savvy, great energy, and also a dear friend.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I live in Hell’s Kitchen, and don’t take life or myself too seriously. I live each day as it’s the last, and always have a positive outlook and energy. It’s great to lift people up and help create an escape from behind the bar… even if it’s with a bad joke, haha!

Follow me on: Markyus O’Neill on Facebook, and Sheila Tack on both Facebook and Instagram.

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