Bar Babe of the Week: Christopher at Therapy

Get your Therapy on with this week’s Bar Babe, Christopher!

Bar that I work at: Therapy Lounge

How long I’ve worked there: 9 years

What are my shifts: Thursday thru Sunday

What makes this bar great: It’s a really chill place where you don’t have to be any particular thing to fit in. Also, the owner of this place is so in love with his community that he spends most of his time trying to make it better. Whatever the energy of the person at the top of a business is always going trickle down. At Therapy, you’ll see his dedication in even the guys that clean the toilets

Best drink I make: the Manhattan cocktail, created on the island of Manhattan in the late 1800’s at the Manhattan Club. It’s also my drink of choice, which is why it’s my best to make. Sort of a home court advantage sort of deal. Like how gay guys are better at head than girls.

I love it when customers: take care of each other. Like turning in lost wallets and phones, or supporting a complete stranger that’s had a bad day or gotten stood up.

I hate it when customers: don’t take care of each other. Like when your friend has had too much to drink and your still buying him shots. Like you can’t foresee that he’s going to get pickpocketed later when he passes out on the train, and he’s going to get fired after he misses his shift tomorrow.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: it’s hard to pick, ‘cause there’s an excess of crazy in this business. But I guess I’ll go with the guy that drank on medication that he wasn’t supposed to drink on (happens a lot). He became a complete maniac. It took five of us to carry him out of the bar. We put him down on the sidewalk and locked the door. He really wanted to come back in so he started kicking all of the windows in and try to climb back in (they are too small) so all cut up and bleeding trying to fit through a really small window, while 20 terrified gays and drag queens watched from the stairwell. Very much like that scene in The Shining where Jack Nicholson’s head is peering through the door he just broke through .

Other places I’ve worked: in Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve also worked at our sister bar Barrage and a restaurant called 44 and a Half.

My hometown: I moved around a lot as a kid, so it’s hard to say what my home town is; but I tell people Waldorf, Maryland because it’s where I lived the longest.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m a creature of hobbies. I’m really into martial arts. I take muaythai, taekwondo and Krav Maga. I take a lot of random classes: everything from cooking and non verbal communication to rope bondage and mold-making.

Single or Taken: single and fabulous question mark. I can’t remember the last time I had a boyfriend. I’m not sure if I’d know what to do with one.

Who/what turns me on: A guy with a lot of integrity is the biggest turn on for me. Bonus points if he’s tall or has a big dick. I mean, let’s Beyoncé.

Favorite music: I’m head over heels for Sia at the moment. She has a really positive message, and she can’t see which direction she’s walking in. Traits to live by.

Favorite movie or TV show: I’m loving Feud on FX. Old bitches fight is my forte; just look at all my friends.

Favorite drag queen: I don’t like to play favorites with my shoes or my drag queens. My bar has hosted some of the most talented queens that exist in the world. At least five Drag Race contestants. I want to say Bianca del Rio and Bob the Drag Queen are knocking it out of the park but if have to pick one I’m going to say Monet X Change is the gurl to be watching right now.

My drag name would be: Shea Butter. Because I spend so much on moisturizer.

Favorite gogo boy: Hands down, Jared Bradford. He’s hot, he speaks like 3 languages and he has 3 boyfriends. He’s what I want to be when I grow up.

Favorite DJ: Also very hard to pick because there’s soooooo many greats. I’m going to go with AJ Sanchez, ‘cause he gives me the feels on Friday nights.

Other stuff you need to know about me: My mother did not raise a fool. A fucking psycho maybe, but no fool.

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