Bar Babe of the Week: Hans at Hardware

The West Village’s favorite cocktail panda Hans can now be found in Hells Kitchen’s Hardware!

Bar that I work at: Hardware Bar

How long I’ve worked there: 2 months

What are my shifts:Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday Skinny Brunch.

What makes this bar great: this place is fun place for hang out and a lot of eye candies.from daddy’s to any kind of you want they have it here..

Best drink I make: everything as long it has alcohol in it.

I love it when customers: are fun and have no attitude, plus nice .

I hate it when customers: have attitude and so cocky and boogie

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: A lady so drunk she try to get out from the office area, which is no exit on that way. And I ask her to get back up… she said “I hate stairs. Let me get out from the garbage trap.”

Other places I’ve worked: Red Plum Japanese restaurant in Westchester.

My hometown: Queens

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I like to cook or bake and in spare time like to do karaoke and Drag for charity events.

Single or Taken: single. I am looking for my Daddy, or The One

Who/what turns me on: People that are nice inside (heart) and out (beefy or bears), Panda is Okay too, cuz sometimes I am sticky. [Editor’s Note: !?]

Favorite music: I like pop, kpop, but jazz is a must. It make me relax and calm.

Favorite movie or TV show: movies, mmm… a lot, as long it’s sci-fi and action and romantic comedy. TV shows: Nashville and Beverly Hills Housewives. Love me some Erika Jayne.

Favorite drag queen: Oh my. I can’t say, but all of my fellow drag queens are my friends, so they are my fave.

My drag name: Of course, the Chinese lady Molly Bridges. Or they used to call me “Molly Bitches.”

Favorite gogo boy: Mmmm the one with the big D. And Marco: he is a sweet heart.

Favorite DJ: DJ Panda. Lol.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I am a fun and caring person, but please don’t ever F me up coz you  know I will get my Revenge (like the TV series). Just kidding. And I like to joke, too.

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