Bar Babe of the Week: Cody at Icon

One of our favorite bar boys is now one of the new faces of ICON 2.0 in Astoria!

Bar that I work at: ICON in Astoria.

How long I’ve worked there: Since the new year. ICON just came under new ownership and management; I am so thrilled to be part of the new staff to help revitalize a fun, queer space in Astoria.

What are my shifts: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from open to close.

What makes this bar great: It’s a really eclectic crowd. I love a queer bar that embraces the entire LGBTQIA-XYZ spectrum.

Best drink I make: Tito’s and soda. And when I’m feeling EXTRA, Tito’s soda splash of cran.

I love it when customers: Know what they want to drink and have their CASH ready.

I hate it when customers: Do the exact opposite of my previous answer. Don’t ask me, “What do I want to drink?” when you know you are just going to get a vodka soda anyway and then dig for your credit card that you ask to close out and then are back 22 minutes later to do the exact same thing again.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Honestly, nothing that I haven’t seen at any other gay bar… including The Cock.

Other places I’ve worked: Most recently I worked out on Fire Island for Daniel Nardicio’s Underwear Party. Now, if you asked what is the craziest thing I’ve seen THERE, that is a different story. But I’m sworn to secrecy to protect the innocent. And guilty.

My hometown: Ferndale, WA. It’s a town in the middle of nowhere by the Canadian boarder.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m tragically really boring. I spend of a lot of time being a bum and doing random DIY projects around the apartment. My husband has come home to an apartment full of sawdust and power tools.

Single or Taken: Taken. We got married in December. We had a small ceremony at the New York Supreme Court, and then had the after-after party at a drag show. It was nice, and perfect.

Who/what turns me on: Someone who embraces and loves who they are.

Favorite music: I’m such a basic fag, sorry. I’ll rock out to any current pop song or throw on some Britney, Whitney or Liza and I’ll gay-out HARD.

Favorite movie or TV show: Barefoot Contessa, hands down! I would SQUEAL if I ever got to meet Ina.

Favorite drag queen: Are you INSANE?! If I were to name my FAVORITE drag queen I’d wake up with Bootsie LeFaris’ severed head in my bed! BUT… you should see the fabulous Cacophony Daniels at ICON every Friday night, where you’ll also see me behind the bar. And when I’m not working, the queens that I end up seeing are: Kizha CarrHolly Box-SpringsSutton Lee SeymourTina BurnerPixie AventuraBusted, Monét X Change, and Marti Gould Cummings.

My drag name would be: Candy Carl-Lyle. I know it isn’t a punny name, but she isn’t a punny queen. She is your drunk Aunt Candy from Reno.

Favorite gogo boy: My husband is convinced I will leave him for a gogo boy. So it’s probably for the best that I don’t reveal the names of husband number two or number five.

Favorite DJ: Again, too many to name! That’s why I’m so excited that ICON will have rotating guest DJs every Saturday. I’ll get to hear all my faves. There will be brand new DJs as well as old warhorses. I will say, I always appreciate a DJ who can read the room; who knows when the crowd just wants to dance it out or when the crowd NEEDS some pop to lip sync to and live their drag fantasy, or have an impromptu amateur walk off.

Other stuff you need to know about me: If you wanna know come to the bar and ask. I’ll probably tell you, and then over share.

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