Bar Babe of the Week: Brandon at the West End


Classically trained singer, sexy West End barman, hater of martini glasses: Barb Babe of the Week Brandon!

Bar that I work at: The West End

How long I’ve worked there: Since October 2016

What are my shifts: Tuesday happy hour. Wednesday night and Thursday night, at least two weekend days. I work a lot because I love it.

What makes this bar great: We’re a cabaret venue with an eclectic range of events, from dance parties and bands, to showcases and open mic nights!

Best drink I make: My margaritas are legendary.

I love it when customers: Leave with a smile…and when they tip well.

I hate it when customers: Ask me to charge their phones. And I hate martini glasses: they’re so stupid!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Our monthly underwear party…I’ll leave it at that.

Other places I’ve worked: I recently retired from almost six years in commercial real estate. This is my first full-time nightlife job. I’ve also managed gyms and worked in retail, in addition to teaching music.

My hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I like to workout and travel, and I’m a huge, HUGE nerd. Science and history are like oxygen to me. I’m also an aggressive politics junkie. I’m usually home with my roommates and my cat, Cosmo. And… 420. Four. Twenty.

Single or Taken: Single

Who/what turns me on: Come over I’ll show you. *PrEP*

Favorite music: Classic rock, house/techno, trance

Favorite movie or TV show: Oh man I suck at picking favorites. But if I had to…Rick and MortyI can’t pick just one favorite movie.

Favorite drag queen: Bianca Del Rio

My drag name would be: Petty White

Favorite gogo boy: Me on a box at a circuit party

Favorite DJ: I like so many, but I probably listen to Chus & Ceballos most often

Other stuff you need to know about me:
I have a degree in classical voice from IU.
I’m a vault, your secrets are safe with me.
I believe that making the world a better place is accomplished person to person…make people smile every day.
I make incredible “special” Oreos.
My mom is my best friend; I’m a total mama’s boy.
I have ulcerative colitis.
I really love making people laugh.
I love to cuddle, big and little spoon.
I believe the rent is absolutely too god damn high.

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