Bar Babe of the Week: Jose at Vale Todo (Topps Lounge)

The Vale Todo brand takes over Topps Lounge in Union City every Saturday night, one of New Jersey’s hottest queer Latin dance and drag parties. Among the weekly family there: Bartender hottie Jose!

Bar that I work at: Vale Todo Nights in Union City, NJ.

How long I’ve worked there: Three and a half years. I was one of the three people that started to do Saturday, a gay night at Topps Lounge, called Vale Todo.

What are my shifts: We are open from 7pm to 2am Saturdays only… I’m usually there after 9pm.

What makes this bar great: One of the few Latin nights in New Jersey. Vale Todo is a great place to make friends, have a drink, and dance. There are always new faces, but our regular crowd makes Vale Todo a family. Always the best in drag shows, dancers, and music.

Best drink I make: Long Island Ice Tea: It’s my favorite drink, and I make it the way I like it: not too much tequila, but a bit of sour mix–just the perfect mix. But what gets the crowd going are shots of RumChatta and Fireball.

I love it when customers: come to the bar a bit shy at the beginning, but within the first hour we are having a conversation like we know each other for a long time, and by the end of the night they made friends with a few people–love to see them having a good time.

I hate it when customers: are not satisfied with anything at the bar: drinks are too strong, drinks are too weak, music is too loud, place is too crowded or too empty… I do not like to see a sad face!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: One time there was a kid around 22 years-old that wanted to be a gogo dancer. However, he probably weighted around 100 lbs and was a bit drunk. By the time I realized, he was on the dance floor without shoes and nothing but a red thong, and was not pretty. Crazy night!

Other places I’ve worked:  I worked at Escandalo in Passaic, NJ… unfortunately it’s no longer open.

My hometown:  Amazonas, Peru.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I am now learning to DJ. I got all my equipment, and sometimes I work with the House DJ, DJ TETI. I also enjoy working at the house, cooking, and having a glass of wine.

Single or Taken:  Single, just out of a relationsship..  enjoying single life!

Who/what turns me on: A cute face and nice attitude turns me on, but to see people happy is a pleasure.

Favorite music: I enjoy house music, but I enjoy Latin music the most: Bachata, Salsa, Merenge.

Favorite movie or TV show:  My favorite movies are: A Walk to Remember–a bit sentimental!–and of course, To Wong Foo–great movie!

Favorite drag queen: Valeria Sparks Martinez–she started at Vale Todo, and proud of her. But Bianca del Rio the best in show business.

My drag name would be:  something to do with my hometown, Amazonas… maybe “Wild Flower.”

Favorite gogo boy:  David Lacostia. I met him when Vale Todo first opened, and he was always a great performer, hot dancer, and humble person..  did I say HOT BODY!?

Favorite DJ: Love the DJ at The Manor Nightclub in Wilton Manors, FL…  do not know his name, but he plays the best beats while performing at the DJ both. It’s like watching a concert, he is great!

Oher stuff you need to know about me: Very friendly guy. I was in a relations ship for 10 yrs, now single. I love to travel!

Follow me on:  Facebook, Instagram & the Vale Todo website


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