Bar Babe of the Week: Jason at Rockbar

The man who is All Things Rockbar is this week’s Bar Babe: Jason Romas!


Bar that I work at: Rockbar NYC

How long I’ve worked there: 6 years. Started as just hosting the weekly game/trivia night on Tuesdays. Now I am a bartender, manager and event planner.

What are my shifts: I bartend Wednesday and Friday nights. I still host the game night every Tuesday, six years later, and I love it!!  But I am almost always there as a host of an event, manager, sound person, therapist, etc….

What makes this bar great: First, definitely the cheap drinks. I don’t go out that much but when I do I haven’t found many places that cost as little as we do.

Second, the staff, performers and promoters we have. We really have found the right mix of people and think we all do a great job of making everyone feel welcome. We like to have fun with the customers. We know it is a little walk to our bar at the end of Christopher St. So we all do our best to get people there and make sure they never want to leave.

Lastly, especially on week nights, you never know what you are gonna get there. It could be a drag show, karaoke, a Mario Kart tournament, a live band.  We always have something going on.

Best drink I make: It is my version of a Sour Patch Kid. It is made with 4 different flavors of Absolut Vodka. I love when people come back and say no one else does it right!!  Its sweet and you definitely don’t need too many of them.

I love it when customers: When they have fun. Sometimes I can be having the worst day. But I get there and it is our Madonna Party or the Weekly Burlesque show and I cannot stay in a bad mood when I see how much fun they are having.

I hate it when customers: Come back to the bar saying there is not enough alcohol in their drink.  If you have been to Rockbar you know we have a heavy pour.  I’m just looking out for your liver.  Also, if just a few more of you paid with cash instead of a card…..

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Well we do have an underwear party every Wednesday night. Dark corners in the back. I think I will let people use their imagination on this one.

Other places I’ve worked:
I don’t like to think about it…  Let’s just say a series of day jobs that never quite fit my personality. I get laid off from the last one.  Started at Rockbar and have been a happier person.

My hometown: I grew up in Ringwood, NJ.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I go to the movies more than any person should.  My favorite is horror.  One of my favorite nights at the bar, and ever, was when Mark Patton from Nightmare on Elm Street 2 came to the bar for Game Night to film for his documentary. Also, a video game junkie. And spending time with my 4 legged best buddy, Reese.

Single or Taken: Taken and getting married in May!!!!!

Who/what turns me on: Henry Cavill as Superman!!!!

Favorite music: I’m really stuck in the 80’s and 90s.

Favorite movie or TV show: I cannot wait for the return of TWIN PEAKS!!!!  There will be a viewing party at the bar!!!! The favorite movie of all time is a toss up between Halloween and Carrie.

Favorite drag queen: I could never pick just one of my girls.  Like any good parent I will keep my favorite to myself.  But I really love our girls that huff it to the bar with their suitcases and spend all that time getting ready and performing. Our current weekly roster has Catrina Lovelace, Lola Michele-KikiFlorence D’LeeErika KlashShirley U. JestPetra FriedJizzaBella, Flippe KikeeViva Vidalia and our first Miss Rockbar Ophelia Nightbird. They are all my favorite.

My drag name would be: Carrie White. I would have one look, and it would involve blood and wide eyes.

Favorite gogo boy: My fiance’

Favorite DJ: Damian Côté and Jeannie Buxo.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I have a strange obsession with Ashlee Simpson

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