Bar Babe of the Week: Will at Boxers HK

Like many of our city’s gorgeous bar men, there’s more to Will then meets the eye.

Bar that I work at:
Boxers HK

How long I’ve worked there: Two years–and I also began with Boxers PHL,
commuting to Philly weekly for the first four months it opened.

What are my shifts: Friday Happy Hour from 6pm, Sunday Brunch from 3pm, Tuesday Happy Hour & Drag Karaoke from 6pm. Sometimes you’ll see me on other days fully dressed when I help manage.

What makes this bar great: It’s not just a great happy hour bar. We have really enjoyable sexy bartenders, drag karaoke, Latin night, Drag Race viewings, great DJs on rotation, an amazing rooftop from Spring-Fall, great music and food, weekend Boozy Brunch, sports and strong drinks.

Best drink I make: It changes a lot. I used to suggest a Blueberry Muffin (blueberry vodka, Frangelico, pineapple and Blue Curaçao) and now I make Cranberry Collins (Tom Collins twist), Golden Unicorn Shower (tequila, St Germain, lime juice, hot sauce) and pretty much whatever I want if you give me the reins.

I love it when customers: are friendly, polite and try to have a good time and make me laugh.

I hate it when customers: are rude to bar staff or other customers and when they try to label/categorize me — I’m mixed race from four continents, guys! (With the current state of our country and race relations, we should be a little more respectful to each other.)

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Crazy? What, like projectile vomiting, girls running topless from security, Beyonce drag dance offs, finding someone sleeping on the toilet with their pants down, people trying to pull my pants down? And the list goes on. Never a dull moment.

Other places I’ve worked: I’ve bartended at the (closed) infamous No Parking, Stairs in the East Village, and the Toolbox in the Upper East Side. As a freelance video editor, I’ve worked for clients like Time Warner, VICE and interned for Marvel Entertainment (childhood dream job fulfilled!).

My hometown: I’m a military child, born and raised on Marine bases in North and South Carolina with northern parents, so I’m just a little country 🙂

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m a video editor who got into bartending to balance the isolated world of freelance remote editing (in my undies at home) with the super social world of night life. I mostly do short form videos (promos, sizzle reels, trailers, fashion films, music vids, etc.) and eventually I will either go full time with a production company, or continue gigging with a film editing goal. This summer, I shot and edited the Terrace at Boxers HK promo video.  Also, I love to draw, read X-Men comics, travel, see live music, hang with friends, hit the gym and cuddle to Netflix for hours.

Single or Taken: It’s complicated. Though I will say, I’m a relationship guy.

Who/what turns me on: Passion, chemistry, intelligence, sense of humor, drive (work and sex) and good taste. Oh and nice looking can’t hurt 😉 A lady in the streets and you-know-what in the sheets…

Favorite music: Where do I start? I like cool stuff from most genres. Love LCD Soundsystem, Disclosure, Gossip, Phish, Allman Brothers, The Strokes, Annie Mac, Calvin Harris, TEED, Florence and the Machine, Tito Nieves, Notorious BIG, and I started to finally like Beyonce. And growing up in the 90s of course, I love pop like Britney, Christina, NSync, Backstreet Boys, Aaliyah, Missy, Whitney, Mariah and some country.

Favorite movie or TV show: Since I worked for them, I have to say anything Marvel (X-Men, Avengers, Agents of Shield, Daredevil, etc.). Plus Doctor Who, Archer, Game of Thrones, Sense8, The Golden Girls, Kill Bill… I could go all day!

Favorite drag queen: I’d have to mention Bob the Drag Queen since I saw her a lot here before she went on Drag Race. I also like Pearl and Bianca Del Rio.

My drag name would be: Someone called me Anna Phylactic once. Maybe I could be Semi Harding, since people think I am when I wear the boxers at work.

Favorite DJ: As far as gay nightlife goes, DJ Susan Levine is so much fun! Personally, I love Disclosure, Bad Company UK and anything Annie Mac presents.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I have three degrees, speak Spanish, and once got a visa and worked in England, and lived in Spain, Austria and Peru. One of my favorite jobs was punting in Cambridge–pushing boats with a pole along a river like gondola rides–as I gave a tour. I also hiked the four day Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes Mountains.

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