Bar Babe of the Week: Adam at POSH


There are a lot of hot guys who work at POSH in Hell’s Kitchen, but dancer and sales consultant Adam here just has a certain edge. Meet our new Bar Babe of the Week!


Bar that I work at: POSH Bar & Lounge

How long I’ve worked there: Started in 2008, just a few months after moving to the city.

What are my shifts: Monday Happy Hour 2-9pm, Tuesday Close 9-4am, and Saturday Close 9-4am.

What makes this bar great: POSH is great because anyone can walk in and feel at home.  Our bartenders and very loyal regulars enjoy meeting new people and making them feel welcome.  It’s a great atmosphere, similar to Cheers (I used to watch that show every night with my Mom before going to bed)

Best drink I make: It’s not that often I get gin orders at POSH (vodka and whiskey seem to be most popular), but when I do I like to offer my version of a Negroni. It’s 3,2,1: three counts Bombay Saphire, two counts Campari, one count Sweet Vermouth, and topped off with soda water and an orange slice for garnish.

I love it when customers: Say thank you and smile.

I hate it when customers: Interrupt while you are serving someone else.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here:  The owner does not usually come in late at night, but when he does he likes to make an entrance. If he gets behind the bar, he will soak the bartenders with water from the gun, then throw napkins and ice everywhere. He usually ends the scene with thanking everyone for their patronage by doing a open bar for the evening. The free drinks and tips start flowing and I don’t mind being wet and messy (pun intended)!

Others places I’ve worked:  Beside slingin’ cocktails, I have worked as a dancer and aerialist with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  Before that, I danced with the Connecticut Ballet.  In between all of my contracts POSH has always offered me a spot back behind the bar. I am very grateful to the owner and manager.

My hometown:  I was born in Bogota, Colombia, adopted and raised by a wonderful family in small-town Minnesota.  Although my blood has Spanish fire, my heart has always been in the US.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Beside continuing to train in dance and aerial arts, I am also a consultant for Arbonne. The company offers botanically based health and beauty lines. I love their products so much, I joined the company. I’m a bit of a gym rat, and I order my protein from them.

Single or Taken: Single and maybe if you are attractive, fun, and educated And/Or Dwayne Johnson, Ready to Mingle.

Who/what turns me on: A sense of humor is so important.

Favorite music: I grew up on 90’s country, and Faith Hill was a big one for me. Then Britney came along. As of now, I’m digging Ariana Grande’s last album (I think everyone is!)

Favorite movie or TV show: I don’t watch TV, but my favorite movie will always be Center Stage. #wantedtobeaprimaballerina

Favorite drag queen: Pixie Aventura. I’d be nervous to enter a dance battle with that one.  She’s The Fiercest!

My drag name would be: When I first moved to NYC and was going out every night, a friend of mine once called me Messica Simpson. That was a hint to reel it in.

Favorite gogo boy: Myself!  I’m not afraid to get up on the bar and dance.

Favorite DJ: DJ Panos Mitos. He spins at POSH for Generation Z on Tuesdays, and Retro Party Sundays.  Such a sweet person.  And he is a DJ that encourages requests. He is about the patrons, and not himself.

Follow me: I’m a bit old school and only have Facebook at the moment. Also, check out my Arbonne profile for some great Holiday Gifts.




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