Bar Babe of the Week: Renan at Barracuda


Profiling queer NYC’s favorite boys (and beyond!) behind the bar. This week, it’s the Brazilian Bombshell of Barracuda, GLAM-nominated Renan! 

Bar that I work at: Barracuda Lounge

How long I’ve worked there: I started January 16th of 2016! Almost hitting the year mark!

What are my shifts: You can find me there Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 9:30pm!

What makes this bar great: From our eclectic staff, to the Talents (DJ’s/ Drag Queens/Singers and etc.) that come through this place, and our loyal regular costumers! We’ve been there for over 20 years, and just signed a new lease for 10 more years!!!! Everything about that little dive bar on west 22nd street is great! Oh, and of course our happy hour drink specials, cheap drinks and heavy-handed bartenders of course  🙂

Best drink I make: I can make a mean Manhattan! And my own concoction, which is ½ oz. of Malibu ½ oz. of Absolut Vanilla, ¼ oz. of Midori, a splash of Sprite and some pineapple juice.

I love it when customers: Are polite and respectful, when they tip handsomely and buy me shots, haha! Oh, and when they break into dance battles in front of my station when Beyoncé comes on.

I hate it when customers: Walk into the bar with a nasty attitude, are entitled and try to ruin the fun for my other amazing costumers! We go to bars to have fun, not start fights. So check your mean attitude with your coats at coatcheck, come in and let us brighten your day!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Kelly Osbourne walking up on stage with our fierce Monday night performer Monet X Change.

Others places I’ve worked: I have worked all over the place really in NYC, my first bartending gig in Manhattan was at the old Boots & Saddle. From there I went to the old Rebel night club in midtown. I bartended for BoiParty and Voss Events and their weekly parties Penthaus, Berlin, ViVa Saturday’s/ Zoo and many, many others.

My hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! #Carioca

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I clean and cook at home in my sexy undies, most times busting some great dance moves while listening to some good Brazilian music that my mom used to put on when she would cook and clean while I was growing up. HBO and chill with Bea, travel, Broadway shows. Painting and drawing. And I love spending time with my core group of friends.

Who/what turns me on: Whips, ropes, restraints, handcuffs and a couple other fun things. Honesty and hard-working people turn me on, authentic people that are true to themselves and don’t let the community’s view change who they are. People that take care of themselves.

Favorite music:  A song called “Scars to Your Beautiful.”

Favorite movie or TV show: Ugh so many! The Lake House, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Sex & the City, The L Word, Empire, Scandal, Broad City, Modern Family, Bob’s Burgers, Grey’s Anatomy! Lol yes I have that much free time to watch all of this!

Favorite drag queen: Monet X Change, and Bob the Drag Queen, of course!

My drag name would be: Anita GreenCard

Favorite DJ: DJ Cindel

Other stuff you need to know about me:

I love architecture and interior design, and one day I hope to open my own hotel/resort that co-exists with nature without harming it in a beautiful exotic location with my future hubby. And I’m a GLAM nominee for Best Bartender!

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