On Point With: Mizzaddy

The recently sashed Mx. Kink 2022 and GLAM nominated burlesquer Mizzaddy is sexing up a stage near you! [Cover photo: John M]

Thotyssey: Hello Mizzaddy, thanks for chatting with us today! Happy New Year! Did you celebrate at all this past weekend?

Mizzaddy: Happy New Year! Thanks for having me. Yes, I celebrated with a performance at Pink Metal for Jack Rabbit Slims‘ NYE show.

As of this writing you’re about to do another showcase with her and all the other GLAM nominated burlesquers! Do you know them all already?

I did know them all already. Most have been in lineups with me, and through Instagram.

Burlesque is a small but mighty world. You probably know people in the biz all across the globe!

I know some performers in Connecticut and Florida, personally. I mainly know the New York people, but I follow artists that inspire me from all over the world!

[Photo: Abraham Morales]

Where are you from originally, and did you always have a performance background?

I was born in Jersey City, NJ. I eventually moved to Pennsylvania, where I went to high school. I studied musical theatre and danced a lot in college, but have been performing since I was young!

How did you discover burlesque?

I saw a burlesque performer who was queer perform in college. After that, I knew it was what I wanted to explore. It had all the creativeness that I love when performing theatre, but just more queer… and less clothes!

Your own burlesque style is very femme or androgynous. Can you speak to what inspires that? And how else might you describe your style, as far as looks and stage numbers?

I always aim to embody a mixture of femme and masc energy in my numbers / looks. I think I have always been a bit of both equally, so that naturally comes through in what I like. I’m inspired by musicals with risqué concepts and costumes, and the pop and Latin divas I grew up on. My style is usually high energy / seductive dance inspired. I love to move my body, and let my body tell the story of the tease! Still on that journey of expression, though and will evolve as time let’s me.

[Photo: Anthony Leo]

Have you had a favorite, or most memorable, moment onstage?

Yes–this past June I won the title of Mx. Kink 2022! It was a kink pageant done by Leather & Lace, and I represented men in lingerie. It was a great moment for me because of the work I did on the number, and everyone was super supportive!

I also know you’re a frequent guest performer for Pixie Aventura’s Thursday night Playhouse show, “Fuego.”

I love “Fuego” and Pixie! Honestly, when I think of what I want to see more in industry norms… it’s Pixie’s show! I love that it’s a show that highlights Latinx talent, but also that it includes drag / burlesque. It’s different, and it’s more inclusive to the whole nightlife. Too many times I only see drag queens getting shows and recognized. I wish for more shows to be inclusive like Pixie’s!

Congrats on your Best Burlesque Glam nomination!

Thank you!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how amazing is this?

Honestly, just being nominated feels like a 10! I am nominated with people who gave me some of my first gigs, and people who have watched me grow these past 2.5 years! It feels special to be on the lineup with them. It’s something I put myself out there for, and I’m glad people saw the work ethic and got me in there.

Do you know what you’re gonna wear to the show? I assume nearly nothing, lol! But then again, it will be late January.

I actually will be wearing a gown / burlesque look that I’m having made for the event, that will turn into a number after January!

[Photo: Anthony Leo]

Love that! So do you know where the folks might be able to find you coming up?

As of right now, I have some bookings in February, March, and April that I’m excited for. I will post those when they are closer, so keep your eyes peeled over at my Instagram!

Excellent! Last question I like to ask all burlesque folks: what’s the worst song someone can perform to, lol?

Omg, I honestly don’t know. For me it would be any song that lacks an interesting story. I like to let my body tell the story mainly, so I use songs that give the story of the kind of strip tease I’m doing, or feelings I’m embodying in the numbers.

Thanks Mizzaddy… see you at the GLAMS!

[Photo: John M]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Mizzaddy’s upcoming appearances, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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