On Point With: Prima Love

2022 has brought this gorgeous Door Goddess and drag hostess her first recurring show… and now her very first Glam nomination. [Cover photo: Alex Murdoch]

Thotyssey: Hello Prima, thanks for chatting with us today!

Prima Love: Howdy! Thanks for having me *clinks glass*

So, hot off the presses: the Drag Race Season 15 cast has just been announced! Who are you excited to see on the show this coming season?

I’m so Mcfreaking excited to see the energized bunny that is Jax on the show; she’s 100% going to flip their lids!

Yes, she’s amazing! Do you see yourself embarking on a Drag Race journey of your own someday?

I definitely see the world falling in Prima-Love with me, and I think Drag Race would be an amazing platform to continue to grow from. I’ve actually got a few DR creds under my baby belt already!

Tell us about that.

Well, my motha is legendary Drag Race costumer Florence D’Lee, and having learned from the best–who dresses the best of the best–has given me the opportunity to work on looks for 6+ seasons of Drag Race royalty on stars like Sasha Velour, Shea Couleé, Brita Filter, Nina West and more! Learning the ins and outs of proper Drag Race packages gives me a leg up for when I do apply!

Where are you from originally, and how did your drag / designer journey begin?

I’m a Jersey girl at heart. I lived in South Jersey for most of my life, then moved to North Jersey for college where I studied costuming! I graduated six months ago, and started that long journey in high school as “person who tried too hard at Spirit Week.”

I’m a “quaran-queen,” so I started my drag career in quarantine of the pandemic! As soon as life resumed, I made a name for myself in the newest generation of NYC nightlife.

I’m guessing you’ve done a lot of the competition shows.

Yes indeed, the competition shows were how I learned what works for me and what works for a crowd. There I started my patented half-lip sync, half-live singing hybrid number!

You’re a Lucky Chengs girl now, right?

Yes indeed. It’s truly an honor to represent some of the most amazing and long lasting drag in NYC.

And you can also be found in another historical venue: Stonewall!

Ugh, Stonewall Fam are truly the realest. You see some wild, wild things there… but they’re all based in love, and working there has been an amazing bucket list item in my career!

I’m guessing that it’s your work minding the entrance at those two spots that earned you your very first Best Door Queen GLAM nomination!

Yes… Stonewall, Lucky Chengs and the occasional Club Cumming [event. And some stuff for] Voss Events!

[Photo: Alex Murdoch]

And you’re a Brooklyn girl too, care of The Rosemont and a party called “Sweet Spot.”

Yes indeed–she’s got her fingers in every borough! This is my first serious hosting gig and this team is so special to me–shoutout to Brett, Hope and Ryan–and I’m really eager to grow this event and team and turn out some sweet sets!

Where can the kids find you next?

On their phones… then next on their screens, as some big works are in progress!

Exciting! And final question: what do you want for Christmas?

Mental clarity and a vacation!

Thanks, Prima!

[Photo: Alex Murdoch]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Prima Love’s upcoming appearances, and follow them on Instagram.

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