On Point With: Silly Brown

Already a gifted artist and animator, Silly Brown (whose namesake was inspired by a racist lady from their childhood) would go on to co-found the creatively oddball drag coven of the moment, the Haus of Quench!

Thotyssey: Hello Silly, thanks for chatting with us today! How is October treating you so far?

Silly Brown: Hey, thanks for having me. Honestly, pretty good! I recently discovered I love pumpkin spiced lattes .. sue me, I guess?

They are the best, but they taste even better when you’re wearing Uggs! Do you have any ideas for Halloween lewks yet??

As much as I love Spooky Season, Silly Brown isn’t a spooky kinda girl. However, I am cooking up a number that you can really sink your teeth into… I’ll leave you with that nugget. You’ll have to come to the Haus Of Quench Halloween show at Purgatory to find out!

The Haus of Quench is your coven and you are also a visual artist. And you’re drag performer yourself.

I’ve been performing for a little over a year now. It was something I knew I was going to get into, and with the helpful push from my drag parents (Sterling, Paris L’Hommie  and Cuntyham) it became a reality, finally… and I’ve never looked back since.

Where are you from originally, and how did you begin as an artist?

I guess there is a lot to unpack! I was born and raised on Long Island, something I loathe… but also, like, have to rep. Visual work was always a part of my artistic practice, but wasn’t something I really dove into until attending Pratt Institute. I studied animation there, and that’s where I truly learned how to draw and fell in love with design.

I have always been someone that loves to dip my finger into every pot; I guess what keeps my intrigue the most is exploring how my aesthetic can be morphed into many different mediums, because I think that’s what helps it evolve and change, and strengthens it.

“Silly Brown” is not only my drag name, but the moniker that captures the entirety of what I do an an artist. There is always a childlike wonder to my work, but that lives on the line of humor / satire and seriousness. I mean, Silly Brown was birthed because this white woman that worked with my mom would call me a “silly brown boy” as I ran through the aisles of her place of work as a kid. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that was super racist, and decided this makes sense for my artistic name as it is something I can reclaim… but also, I think, really does define my work. It is always a little silly, and for sure always brown!

[See Silly Brown’s Instagram for more of their original artwork]

I love the art you’re displaying on IG! Can this also be found in a book or gallery, or have you created any publicly available animations?

Thank you !I would say my website… once it is up and running again, which can be found in my IG bio. Currently the site is under some maintenance, and a little name change–as I think we are retiring “boy.” I am a freelance animator as my main gig, and the projects I’ve worked on can be found there along with some personal pieces–and my jewelry designs, illustrations… the list goes on!

So how did Quench come into your life?

The big question! Well, Quench came into my life because I birthed it along with my best friends Paris L’hommie, Sterling, Cuntyham and Sp3cial K. I was always involved in nightlife, and felt there was a giant lack of true community. And there weren’t spaces that felt void of cliques, or where outsiders could feel seen and able to feel like home. So I was like, well, I guess it’s time to make it!

During the tail end of limited capacity, I found All Night Skate, walked in and said “you need shows here, and I have the best performers in Brooklyn waiting to take over.” And then we produced “Prxm Night,” and then founded the Haus.

Love that! There have many Haus of Quench events at All Night Skate and beyond since then. But if you could generally describe now what a person might see on a Quench night, what might you say?

Hmm. I would say: family, love, stupidity… and lot of fluids. Oh! And Cuntyham climbing on top of something they aren’t supposed to.

Side note: Cuntyham was recently crowned Mx. Nobody! That’s fun!

And well deserved! But I am pretty biased, ’cause that’s my dad!

You two will be back at All Night Skate hosting a Quench event this Friday, along with the great Julie J!

Yes we will ! Excited to start our new bi-weekly show “Quenched,” and to kick it off with a superstar of NYC drag like Julie J is such an honor. You don’t wanna miss it!

What else is coming up for you and yours?

Very stoked to work on some new projects with the Haus; there is a lot of stuff we are about to put out so keep your eyes peeled! Me and Amygdala are hosting a new monthly show called “Rage” at C’mon Everybody starting next month, November 15th. Think of it as the therapy session you always needed.

We also have our queer market, Corporate Queers, that I run with Carmen DeCristo through the holiday season at All Night Skate and Purgatory, so come and get some queer made gifts for your loved ones!

Excellent! Okay, now for my October Closer: have you ever encountered a ghost, a UFO, or had some sort of supernatural experience?

Oh yeah! When I was younger, I had this neighbor across the street. I was, like, 12, and he made me stare at the sky for the entire day at this dot he was certain was a UFO. He brought me into his room and kept asking me if I could feel the ground shaking, and that that was the aliens coming to take over. And that was the day I discovered what acid was.

Scary indeed! Thanks, Silly!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Silly Brown’s upcoming appearances, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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