On Point With: Angelique Stevens

Learn why New York drag’s body positive, Bushwig bound songstress is also known as Angelique “The Star” Stevens! [Cover photo: Miss Bussy]

Thotyssey: Hello Angelique, thanks for chatting with us tonight! Summer’s nearly behind us… how did the season treat you?

Angelique Stevens: Honestly, I love summer… and it brought so much good and awesome things into my life, and especially my future. Big things are cooking for your star!

Very exciting! The last time I personally saw you perform was a while ago, when you competed in Lady Liberty at The Q earlier in the year.

Awe Lady Liberty! I honestly look forward to a hopeful return.

Do you still enjoy doing the competition shows even though you’ve done your fair share of hosting and guest starring gigs all over town?

I have to say, there is a special place in my heart for competitions. I think each competition provides all the girls who compete with such awesome opportunities for growth, expansion and networking. I think I honestly had the most growth and learned the most from these competitions — not to mention the incredible tips, tricks and help from all of these really incredible hosts!

[Photo: Jeff Eason]

So where is your original hometown, and what were your interests growing up as far as fashion, performance, music, art, etc?

I’m originally from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA called New Kensington. So truth be told, I was a total spotlight hog since I was born — literally to a room of about 18 people. I was always singing and dancing. My grandpa and his sister on my Dad’s side were big band singers. I have been performing since I was 8, and I actually got a BFA in musical theatre. However, all forms of art have been my truest love. My aunt sews and always encouraged me to scratch every creative itch, and I just always have!

What ultimately brought you to drag, and to New York?

Well, I came to New York for college, and absolutely knew right away that this was the city that I belong in. With drag, it was a little different. I dabbled throughout college, but I think I was too scared at first to take that step. When I was in Arizona performing in La Cage Aux Folles, I was one of the Cagelles; I met my drag mentor, and fell deeply in love. I mean, head over heels — and when I felt it, I knew that I couldn’t stop. It’s truly a passion for me.

Tell us what Angelique’s drag is like these days, as far as aesthetic and performing style! She shows a lot of skin, for one thing!

Definitely! Angelique is NYC’s glampy pop princess Dia-Baddie! She’s all about body positivity, and that’s why she’s proud to show her skin. I want to show all girls — natural, skinny, and thick — that their body, every body, is beautiful. I’ve struggled a lot with my body image as Cody, and Angelique helped remind me how beautiful my body is. She’s proud of her curves and swerves, and wants everyone to enjoy as much as she does.

I think a lot of natural girls out there don’t feel seen often in media. We see thicker girls, and of course our lovely skinny sisters, but it’s not to often you see a natural girl. I say “natural,” but I guess the society term would be “average” body. So I always want to use my platform to make sure those girls feel seen and loved.

She brings Broadway, original music, pop…I mean, just a little of everything you need. Plus some kicks, dips and stunts!

In addition to hosting several shows at Happyfun Hideaway, you also starred in and produced a Nicki Minaj tribute show at 3 Dollar Bill back in July. How fun was that?

Yes, I actually organized and co-hosted the event with Ruby Slay! Now, if I do say so myself… it was a huge success! We had ten different performers showing love and praise to the queen Nicki! It was an electric night, with just so much great energy in vibes. DJ John Marto was just so in sync with the crowd, and honestly I think it was just an amazing magical night!

Congrats — maybe a sequel is in order! In the meantime, this is real exciting… you’re going to be on the Bushwig stage on Saturday, September 10th, care of the Knockdown Center! That, of course, will be one of the year’s most massive and anticipated nightlife events.

I know… BUSHWIG! I’m so honored to be getting to perform for the second year in a row! Honestly it’s been a lot of working progress. I’ve been preparing since I got the email that I was chosen. Last year I performed my first original song “Ridin’ (With You),” and this year I’ll releasing and performing a brand new single titled “I Don’t Bite”. I can’t wait, it’s going to be fire.

Tell us about your music!

So, I started writing music after I lost my grandmother; something through writing helped me connect with her, and also cope with my loss. I started recording and releasing last year. I was a contestant in the first “Ultimate Diva” pageant, and that sparked the thought to start releasing music so I can use it as my talent portion. My music is like 90’s pop princess fantasy with a rough edge. I would say it’s is catchy, fun and unique. I’ll be releasing both songs on all platforms first day of Bushwig. So just look out for Angelique The Star Stevens!

[Photo: Davide Laffe]

Anything else coming up for you that the children should be aware of?

I do have a lot of things cooking and in the works, but definitely keep those eyes peeled for more of your star. The end of September, I’ll be competing in the prelim for Miss Paradise — so if you can, come out and get ya’ girl into the pageant. You can always catch me twirling and serving a show in the competition circuit of the city. Also, I will be releasing some incredible merch that’s just so stunning… so keep checking the Instagram for the drop and link!

Glorious! Okay, in closing: the new Elton / Britney track “Hold Me Closer!” I find the “song” a puzzling re-introduction to Britney and many folks hate it, but of course just as many love it or are simply unconditionally supportive of their goddess! What are your thoughts on the song?

Honestly, I haven’t gotten a chance to listen just yet… but I’m sure I’ll love. I am definitely a Britney fan/supporter… and I mean, how can you not love Elton John!? I would honestly bet that I will love it. I actually am about to stream it now!

Good luck, lol! Thanks, Angelique!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Angelique Steven’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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