On Point With: Freeda Blackman

This rising star of Brooklyn drag has a new show, an upcoming Bushwig presence, and a plan to slay That Other Borough as well: make way for Freeda Blackman!

Thotyssey: Hello Freeda! OMG August is nearly done… how did summer treat you?

Freeda Blackman: Hello hello, Thotyssey! This summer was Wild, but she kept it cute and treated me nice, lol! Hope you enjoyed your Summer as well.

I did! Let’s deep dive all the way back to May… you took part in the 10th anniversary of Merrie Cherry’s drag competition show at Metro, “Dragnet!” How was that?

Dragnet’s 10th anniversary was iconic — a revelation of sorts. I was actually runner-up, and it was the only competition I’ve competed in… so I was very proud of myself.

Congrats! So where are you from originally, and what sort of arts were you into while growing up?

I’m originally From South Jersey… a Gloucester County Queen. Growing up, I was into music. I love singing, and enjoyed rapping with my cousins.

What brought you to NYC, and to drag?

I was [done with] school, and moved to Paris for the summer to figure things out… but ran out of money, lol! My return ticket was for New York, and I had family here with an extra apartment… so I decided to stay.

I honestly thought about presenting femme and doing drag for 10+ years, but felt ashamed and embarrassed because naturally I present more masc… and there was nothing delicate or small about me. But when the pandemic started, I just thought about all the opportunities I denied myself — and promised myself that once things open up, so will I! So a year later, here we are!

Tell us what Freeda is like today as a queen, as far as looks and performing styles. Do you incorporate rap or live music into some of your numbers?

Freeda is very much in her P-Valley era, lol! She’s giving Stripper With Props, usually something see-through, netted and stoned. I love showing off the tits, and playing with different types of reveals. I usually perform rap songs by black queens mixed with current culture references, and my movement mimics the lyrics. Unfortunately I haven’t incorporated rapping or any live vocals into my performances, but… that’s coming very soon!

Exciting! You’ve been a presence at The Rosemont in Brooklyn for a minute now.

Oh, absolutely! My first booking was at the Rosemont as a door goddess for a weekly party hosted by icons Victoria Holiday and Vena Cava. I spent every weekend at the Rosemont, and at this point it really feels like home!

You’re gonna be part of a new show every other Tuesday there starting this week: “Rosebud!” It will costar X-Emma and Phoebe Bing Bong, with Piper in the DJ booth! What can we expect from this show?

You can definitely expect a party! We are unique, creative and sell different fantasies, so you’ll get the diversity needed to keep you entertained! We also have a sexy DJ, great music, and the bartender… uffff, he’s a hottie!

Excellent! What else is coming up for you that the children should be looking out for?

Bushwig is coming, and my sister and I are gonna to be performing in Ruby Tuesday’s number. I’m also going to network with the Manhattan queens, so I will be competing in the city starting next month. So just look out for me, periodt, lol!

We can’t look away! Thanks, Freeda!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Freeda Blackman’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.


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