On Point With: Jamie CD

Relatively new to the scene, the athletic fashionista Jamie CD is already making huge waves in NYC drag.

Thotyssey: Hello Jamie, thanks for chatting with us today! I understanding you were doing a gig last night, how did it go?

Jamie CD: Hi Thotyssey! Yes, I had a gig last night and it went very well… thanks for asking!

Have you had a chance to watch the recent Drag Race drop?

I haven’t had a chance yet! I probably won’t be able to watch until tomorrow. I’m running around New York right now doing fittings. Don’t spill the tea, lol! [But this season has] been such a breath of fresh air. Truly. Everyone is shining so bright, and the talent is just unreal. I love it!

Backstory time! Where is your original hometown, and how did you discover the world of drag?

I’m from Buffalo, NY… grew up pretty normal in the suburbs there. I remember watching Raja’s season on Drag Race in college, and I was intrigued. She was the most fierce queen! But I didn’t fully picture myself ever becoming a drag queen. I didn’t think it was something I could even do. But here we are now, lol!

I think my true interest in drag started when I watched my first full season of Drag Race: Season 10! Aquaria was the ultimate queen for me then!

I’m going to guess that “CD” is not short for Compact Disc.

The CD stands for Crossdresser. I’m here reppin’ all the CD’s out there who may not have the confidence to step out into the world and be themselves.

Please tell us a bit about the sort of looks you like to rock, and the types of numbers you like to do these days.

I like to show a lot of skin! Sexy, fierce, cunty… that’s my vibe. I consider myself a fashion queen. I’ve been working in fashion since I moved to NY in 2013, so it reflects in my drag. I do numbers that enhance that sexiness; anything Pussycat Dolls is the vibe. I like to keep it fresh too, with new music / numbers constantly. It also helps that I was a gymnast for 17 years, and I can flip around in heels. That’s a major crowd pleaser!

It sure is! I saw you guest perform for Bootsie LeFaris‘ show at Pieces a few months ago, alongside Ruby Fox. You slayed!

Thank you so much! I love those two so much. Ruby is my sister.

You also turn looks and numbers at The Box, which is a super exclusive nightlife experience. Oh, the stories you must have!

Yes! I have stories to last a lifetime, let me tell you. The Box is like a whole other world.

You also co-host a show called “Dumb Slut” with Madame Vivien V every Saturday at The Q!

I do. It’s my first weekly show, and I’m so excited about it. It’s been going great! The show is unlike any other: you get full choreographed numbers, interactive games with the audience, special guest performances, and much more. The Q has a great space with lots of production involved; we knew it was the perfect space for us. My favorite game we play is “I’m A Dumb Slut Because…” where we have the audience members tell their sluttiest story to the crowd. It’s a gag, honestly; some of these stories have my jaw dropped, lol. We are there every Saturday, 8 to 10pm on the top floor!

Amazing! And on June 12 (Brooklyn Pride Week), you’ll be at 3 Dollar Bill for “Spritz” with your sis Ruby Fox, Bobby LeMaire and the amazing Rosé!

Yes I’m so excited! I love all three of them so much. I haven’t seen Rosé in a minute, so it will be nice to catch up and twirl around with her. I hope I get to see you there!

Then on NYC Pride Thursday (June 23), you’ll be back at 3DB with your Dumb Slut sis Viv for her party “Clench” alongside recent Drag Race Miss Congeniality Kornbread!

I’m so excited to meet Miss Kornbread; it’s going to be a really good time.

You’re also gonna be on the Tito’s Vodka float for Asbury Park Pride this Sunday, which will have happened by the time this gets published.

I’m going to do their float for NYC Pride Parade as well. Also, on June 14th I’m working with Fresh Beauty and the Hetrick-Martin Institute hosting a “Career Day” for HMI’s LGBTQIA+ youth! Very excited about that. I’m also working the Dolce Aesthetics Pride event on the 15th with Jackie Cox at Tito Murphy’s.

All amazing! Okay, to close: what is your favorite thing about drag… and what’s your least favorite?

My favorite thing about drag is performing for an audience; it truly gives me energy to thrive and express myself how I want. My least favorite thing about drag is buying all that makeup, girl! It gets expensive! But but at the end of the day it’s worth it.

Happy Pride, Jamie!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Jamie CD’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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