On Point With: Lucie Screws

She didn’t quite win the Miss Rockbar crown, but this hilarious Jersey Girl did recently land herself two hot ticket Rockbar shows: let’s get tight with Lucie Screws!

Thotyssey: Hello Lucie! How was your week?

Lucie Screws: Great, thanks for asking. I hope you had a good week too.

Yes, busy busy busy… and now resting! I bet when you’re not actually performing, you’re still putting a lot of time into drag.

Yes, definitely. I make nearly all my own outfits and wigs, and I try to keep bringing out new looks and numbers… and that can take time!

So you’re in Jersey! Born and raised?

I live in Jersey City, but I was born and raised in San Francisco and LA.

What was it like growing up on the West Coast as a budding artist?

I was always performing in some way throughout my life, usually theater and improv. The West Coast gave me a more relaxed approach, I think. The weather definitely spoiled me.

So then what made you ultimate switch to the East Coast?

I came to New York for a birthday and was hooked, so I just decided to make a change and give NYC a try. And frankly, I found LA boring.

How did Lucie come into being?

I did drag as Lola Poubelle in LA a very long time ago, and life got in the way. Lucie was born from shaking off all that life that got in the way. That was in September 2019.

You’ve performed in Jersey venues like the gone-too-soon Headroom Lounge post-lockdown.

Yeah! I had a few shows lined up at Headroom right before it closed.

But I think many of us first got to know you as a Miss Rockbar contestant, where you made the semifinals! What made you want to compete in that?

I reached out to [owner] Jason Romas at Rockbar, and he was able to pick up “Screwball” and my “Comedy Hour.” I did Miss Rockbar to win a weekly Friday night show, lol! But I met a lot of truly great queens I count as friends in and out of drag, and it was the first longer format competition I had done… so I learned a lot.

Your monthly “Comedy Hour” at Rockbar (first Tuesdays) gives a platform to standup comedians. What’s your relationship with standup? Do you do it yourself, in or out of drag?

My relationship is one of respect! I love standup. The people are hilarious, and literally kind of crazy… so there’s a lot of natural overlap with drag! I am much more of an improvisational comedian, and I have been getting lots of pressure from my comedian friends to take the leap and write a set. So very soon I’ll be giving it a try in drag to start, I’m sure. I’m not sure when I’ll work up the courage to do it out of drag.

Something to look forward to! In the meantime, you also have a monthly show called “Screwball” with co-host Ronda Vu that returns to Rockbar this coming Tuesday!

Yes! Every fourth Tuesday at 10pm, we follow Jack Barrow and Gogo Gadget’s burlesque show. “Screwball” is unique in NYC drag: we have an intimate show with lots of variety, from comedy to pussy splats to polyphonic overtone singing. No one ever leaves without being entertained. We make sure to bring in a new guest performer every week, so there are always surprises.

This month you’ll be with fellow pageant girl Ivory Snow!

Yes! I’m very excited to work with Ivory; we never had overlap during Miss Rockbar.

What else is coming up for you?

I’ve been working on some pretty fun digital content that I’ll be releasing very soon.

Excellent! Let’s close with this, inspired by the “LollapaRUza” episode of Drag Race this past Friday: what would be your go-to song now in a lip sync competition?

I’m like Willow Pill in that I prefer a mix. But if I was in that situation and could choose any song, I’d go for Lizzo’s “Phone.” I love performing that song.

Thanks, Lucie!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Lucie Screws’ upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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