On Point With: Miguel Colin


This adorbs host and promoter has the golden ticket to some of the biggest and best events of Pride Weekend. Make way for Miguel Colin!

Thotyssey: Hey there Miguel, thanks for talking to us today! So, as an event planner and host, you are definitely coming upon the busy season. Are you psyched, or anxious?

Miguel Colin: I think I am more psyched than anxious because summer is here: there’s less clothes, everyone wants to go out, and everyone is just more happy and fun in general with the warmer weather! Definitely excited to see what this season brings to NYC nightlife, and what new creative things will be popping up.

You’ve got The Ticket to many of the most anticipated Pride events this summer, so there’s lots to talk about! But as usual, we better start at the beginning.. Where’s your hometown?

I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware about two hours away from NYC, but I always felt like I grew up in the city as well because of the amount of family I have here, and how frequently I would visit and take “vacations” here. I was almost like a part-time New Yorker.


What was your first exposure to the nightlife here like?

My first gay party was actually Penthaus! A friend was celebrating his birthday there, and had invited me to come out to celebrate with him. I remember just being mesmerized by the rooftop and energy of the Penthaus crowd.

I will say that my second nightlife experience was a little more overwhelming because I was ditched by my Tindr/Grindr date (don’t remember?) at John Blair’s party at Stage 48 and felt quite out of place… until a certain nightlife persona by the name of Justin Luke rescued me from sitting alone on the couch on my phone.

He’s good at that sort of thing! Were you drawn into the world of nightlife promoting / hosting / producing at that point, or were those gears already turning?

Honestly, I was always attracted to nightlife as a teen because of the stories my aunt and uncle would tell me about “old New York,” but I certainly didn’t see myself doing this at all. I honestly think I wouldn’t have gotten into this business if it wasn’t for that night Justin Luke rescued me and told me to bring friends to the party the next week.

I feel like one of the best traits of a successful event host  is “already having friends,” right?

Yes! I definitely agree. But one of the many perks of a host is always meeting new people and making more friends.

So, what was the first party you worked?

The first party I hosted was this party called “Mars” with DJ Aron at the old XL Nightclub. That was a little over a year ago. April 2016?

Awwww, RIP XL. I can imagine how frustrating it is when you and your associates are looking to book large venues like that, and… there just aren’t any.

It’s very frustrating! I have always been all about clubs. I like bars, but there is nothing like having a dance floor with a great sound system and lights, and more importantly space to let loose and dance!


Who have been some of your favorite people to work with in the biz: producers, promoters, DJs, queens, etc?

Right now I am closely working with Alan Picus, who has really been my mentor and the one who really brought me under his wings to show me the ropes of the business on the producer side of it. Thanks to him, I’ve been able to closely work for John Blair and Jake Resnicow, two huge names in the business and circuit scene, as well as the lovely Joe Roznak. The four of them really make a good team of producers, and continue to produce some of the best content in NYC… even with the challenge of finding venues to throw parties!

I will say that I also really really loved working for Ladyfag briefly on Battle Hymn when it first started. I wasn’t an official host we could say, but I reached out to her and asked her if I could help out and she was super nice and allowed me to help out despite being so new to “the scene.” Her productions are also really great and her scene is amazing–I wish I was as creative as some of her crowd to pull of a LQQK.

In terms of DJs: I really enjoy a party with Cindel, Honey Dijon, Dan Slater, Nandi, 2FACE, Michael Magnan, DONKEY, W. Jeremy, Eli Escobar, The Carry Nation, and the list goes on! In terms of queens: I haven’t really been fortunate enough to work with many because of the club atmosphere that I prefer. But my favorites are most definitely   AquariaBrita Filter, and Nedra Belle.

If for some reason you had to fill in one night as either a: A) gogo boy,  B) DJ,  or C) drag queen, which would you pick?

DJ. I think all three are quintessential parts of nightlife, but the DJ is definitely needed for a good party.

And what would you say is the craziest thing you’ve seen at an event you’ve worked so far?

I invite you all to come to M.E.A.T. I will say that much!


Let’s talk about some events you’re working with this season. First off, the weekly circuit party from John Blair, VERS Saturdays! It’s sad to see Space Ibiza closing it’s doors, speaking of the loss of big venues. But John and company are making the most of it, picking up all the Saturday nights they can before the club officially closes. What do you think made that night so popular?

John Blair’s name certainly has to do something with that. I mean, it’s incredible to talk to him and just see how successful and relevant he still is after decades of being in this business! In my short time of being in it, I realize it’s a tough business to survive in, and kudos to him for doing it for so long. I think there’s a lot that can be said here other than just the reputation and brand of John Blair.

But the main reason is the power team that exists between JB, Jake Resnicow, Alan Picus, and Joe Roznak. They really give NYC their best anytime they come together to throw a party. DJs, sound, light production, and all.

We’ll be sorry to see it go… hopefully it’ll find a new home someday.

I have no doubt that the boys will come up with something!


And now let’s talk about Pride Weekend, starting with Penthaus on Friday night (June 23rd)! Given that this party was your cherry, it must be both wonderful and surreal to be hosting there now.

OMG yes! Penthaus is one of my favorite HK parties, and it’s really crazy to think it was my first party! The party is perfect for a “first gay party” experience because it has the dance floor, but it also has the rooftop area where most of the talking and lounging is done.

Let’s not forget to mention that we plan to have an open roof deck (weather permitting), and already have two incredible DJs that really know what the Penthaus formula is to keep the boys dancing and having fun! Of course, some of the hottest boys walk up those stairs to come up on the rooftop!I think we may also have a special guest host for the night. Can’t say much about that yet.

Oh! And let’s not forget our new darkened VIP Mezz Level that overlooks the dance floor. Can definitely get cozy up there with your loved one, or a cutie you may find at the party!


A great way to start the weekend off! And that brings us to Saturday and Stage 48, for the return of another favorite party: U-Nite! How sexy do you expect things to get for that one?

We’re gonna keep it sexy and cute at the same time! Stage 48 is an incredible venue with state-of-the-art sound system, lights, and video. It’s multi-leveled with a balcony overlooking the packed dance floor, which stays that way all night! We’re excited to be back at Stage 48. I know it’s a home for many of the NYC boys. It’s definitely one of my favorite venues in NYC, so I’m really excited to be back there.


Then y’all are taking Pride Sunday to the high seas with LUVBOAT. Boats are a smart way to go on Pride, IMO.

I think the boat party is going to be an amazing, and one of the best–if not the best–closings to Pride Weekend anyone in NYC can offer. We’ll have the fireworks show, we’ll mix in with the Matinee crowd, and most important: Dan Slater and Beth Sacks without a doubt will do amazing. I think it’ll be the favorite of the three parties, but all three are promising to be really good parties that you can have access to at a really crazy affordable price.


On that note: now let’s say I wanna go to all three, but I’m a Basic Bitch on a Budget. What can I do?

Well, individual tickets to each individual party will be on sale soon, and you can already get a ticket ($49 alone) to LUVBOAT. Most weekend passes for Pride Weekend right now cost $150+! But, I will tell you that you absolutely cannot beat this deal: this weekend pass was created for Millennials like myself, who really want to party, but don’t want to break the bank to do it. You’re getting the three amazing parties with the best productions for the price of one! I would most definitely recommend you to buy the weekend pass, Jim.


So there you have it, a solid Pride Weekend. Looking forward to it! Anything else coming up for you?

I really am looking forward to working with more people in the scene, and hope to produce a party someday! Who knows? Become the next John Blair, Jake Resnicow, Alan Picus, or Ladyfag! [Laughs] definitely don’t know where this nightlife journey will take me as it wasn’t in my original plans, but I’m enjoying the ride.

Fasten your seatbelts! Thanks Miguel, and Happy Pride!


Purchase your Weekend Pass for Penthuas, U-Nite and LUVBOAT here. Follow Miguel Colin on Facebook and Instagram.

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